First Communion Portraits-Wilton,CT

May is First Communion season! I so enjoying photographing these miniature brides and their proud families. Sometimes clients come to me days before or after the actual Communion just to get a few nice portraits of the child.

Sometimes they have me come to their home the day of the Communion to capture the special day and include members of the family in the celebratory images. I always say that I don’t do events and that is true BUT I greatly enjoy pre-event portrait sessions for occasions such as First Communions and Bar Mitzvahs. There is no better time for family portraits because all of the relatives are in town and everyone is dressed up already!

Here is a session from yesterday of a family celebrating their oldest child’s first communion! A special occasion indeed! Images of the mother helping her daughter get dressed immediately make me think of fast forwarding 20 or so years to the wedding today and what that will be like.

In these images you will see the mom, dad, three little brothers, grandmothers and then the God Mother adjusting the girls dress as she laughs (one of my favorite images). There were more family members present and a lot more beautiful images but these are some of my favorites.

Congratulation O family on this joyous and very special occasion!

Mother preparing daughter for First Communion

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