Silver & Gold! Family Portraits New Canaan CT- Waveny Park

“Make NEW Friends and KEEP the OLD, One is SILVER and the others GOLD.”. I always loves that song and felt that it was true about friends. For me it is also true about CLIENTS !!

My clients are friends and some I feel like are family because I have been with them for many years and have watched the children grow. Then there are the new clients. Most of them are very nice and I consider myself so lucky to have such wonderful clients! On occasion I get ones that are BEYOND nice! They are amazingly kind and full of compliments for what I do. They make me feel so blessed and give me the strength and motivation to keep working in a business that can eat you alive in the busy season!

I happen to work with two such families on November weekend at Waveny in New Canaan, CT. One of these families I’ve been photographing annually since 2006 and the other was new this year. Their kindness and appreciation for what I do are PRICELESS gifts that I TREASURE! Thank YOU both! I do have other amazing clients too but I photographed these special families on the same day so this blog post is about them.

I normally photograph the one family in their New Canaan home but this year decided to mix it up and shot at Waveny Park. I was happy that the schedule also worked for the new family with their beautiful daughter and two precious dogs. I love it when families bring their dogs to a session. They are part of the family too and should be in the annual portraits!

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