Matchy, matchy, no,no! Coordinate your outfits for your family portraits!

Many people ask me what to wear. Some photographers say khaki pants and white shirts. That used to be IT! But trends are changing and I am definitely up for change! I say have some fun with color, just be careful!

Where do you start? I always say MOM, if you are going to be in the pic then select your favorite outfit, what looks best on you and THEN coordinate others to match you.Why? Because if mom does not look good you are not going to want to buy the pics!

Another option for mom is jeans and a black long sleeve shirt with some pretty jewelry. That is the route I went. It is flattering, does not attract attention (so kids can be the stars of the image) and looks good on everyone!

For my family portraits this year I selected a dress for my younger daughter that had the colors in it I like. This year I wanted a huge wall portrait for the kitchen so I went with the kitchen colors! A rich dark red, fall green and cream with black accents.

Then I picked solid color outfits for the other two kids. This is what I got!If I showed you my kitchen you would agree that that this is perfect for us!

The first image is of my children. The others are client’s and the clothing images are ones I just grabbed off the internet searching for “coordinating family outfits photographer” to get some inspiration.

A couple of designs were put together by another photographer. Her name is on those pics. Great ideas she had for her clients.

I hope this gives you some ideas!

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